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How it Works

Referral Program

everyCircle.com provides you with an innovative, non-membership-based online infrastructure where participants can earn income by referring business to each other. Business organizations are highly encouraged to utilize our online program to generate business amongst each other and with others outside their networks! Our system will provide referrals for your business, without limits, and based on results!

Note: Our software can complement and possibly replace typical business referral networks. Typical business referral network groups charge membership dues, and meet regularly with the same people (some groups allow only one individual per industry to join) to offer each other a few referrals! 

How It Works

Four parties are involved: 
• Note: All parties involved do not necessarily have to know each other
• Biz Owner - The owner of the business directory ad on everyCircle.com  OR 
  Profile Owner - The owner of the profile (offering referral fees) on everyCircle.com 
• Potential Client - The individual or business being referred to the Biz Owner 
• Referrer - The individual with an online profile who initiates the transaction by connecting the Biz Owner with the Potential Client
• everyCircle.com will provide the infrastructure to manage, track, and record transactions

Notes: everyCircle.com offers online advertising opportunities:
• bizDirectory ad : Full-page listing with images and a variety of online applications
• Profile listing for business owners and professionals (free)
• Profile listing including offer to provide a referral fee (annual fee)

The Process: 
• Basically, the Referrer connects the Biz Owner with the Potential Client utilizing the online Referral Program Software
• An introductory email will be sent to all parties inviting them to contact each other to do business
  This email includes contact info, referral value (cold call to HOT lead) and notes  
• Additional emails including the transaction status will be sent 5, 10, and 20 days afterwards  
The transaction details will be posted online in the Referral Summary Database

• Business will be generated amongst the participating parties on a good-faith, honor-based system
• The Referrer must have an online profile to participate and receive referral fees  View Profiles 
• The Potential Client does not have to have an online profile, but is encouraged to complete one
• The Biz Owner on its bizDirectory ad listing offers a fee (% of gross income or a flat dollar amount) for referrals that generate business
• The Profile Owner on its profile listing offers a fee (% of gross income or a flat dollar amount) for referrals that generate business
• The Biz Owner agrees to also compensate everyCircle.com with a 3% management fee of the gross income generated from the referral
Exceptions can be made subject to discussion (ex. real estate sales, large partnerships, etc.)

Checks & Balances: 
• Transaction summaries will be compiled in an online Referral Summary Database which can be viewed by the public
  - A summary of transactions will also be listed at the bottom of each bizDirectory ad listing  View bizDirectory 
  - A summary of referrals made will also be listed at the bottom of each profile listing View Profiles 
The BizOwner, Referrer and Potential Client can update the database with notes and comments on all aspects of the transaction
• Only the Referrer and Potential Client will have access to update the Rating for the transaction by the bizOwner (0 = Lowest, 100= Highest)
   - The Rating System is quite subjective and is designed to show the level of confidence, professionalism, etc. of the Biz Owner
   - Rating System - 4 questions (number in summary is average of these 4 values): 
      •  Price Value - 
      •  Professionalism / Quality of Service - 
      •  Responsiveness - 
      •  General Satisfaction / Met Expections - 
• Only the Biz Owner can update the online database on the status of the transaction 
• If and when business is generated between the Biz Owner and the Potential Client, then the Biz Owner will compensate the Referrer and everyCircle.com

• everyCircle.com (formerly infoBayArea.com and muybueno.net) has been connecting professionals and business owners since 1998
• everyCircle.com bizDirectory listings and other types of advertisements get serious online visibility 
• everyCircle.com's weekly e-newsletter distribution is over 14,200 (12/28/09) and grows daily
 everyCircle.com very often gets top 3-10 ranking for basic keywords in major search engines
 everyCircle.com also hosts monthly business networking mixers throughout the Bay Area where professionals and business owners network in upscale, business-casual, energetic, professional, FUN and unique environments, with a twist of friendly hospitality...

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you for your consideration, 
  Cesar Plata, Founder, www.everyCircle.com
  408 352-5932, referral@everycircle.com


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