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Company History

This adventure started as a hobby back in early 1996. Cesar Plata always enjoyed participating in community activities and held several leadership positions in high school, in different organizations at UC Davis (BS Mechanical Engineering '93), and in San Jose, CA. Cesar has had a long standing desire to keep the Latino community better informed regarding events, activities and community resources throughout the Bay Area. The initial service consisted of a weekly email list of events and resources that Cesar believed would be of interest to several hundred of his friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

Cesar realized there was and still is a SERIOUS problem in the Bay Area Latino Professional Community - there are so many talented individuals willing to volunteer and promote education, but so many people are not AWARE of the events and available resources. Likewise, many Latino organizations do great work but do not promote their services and/or recruit members effectively. It is very important to recruit and train members of all organizations, especially recent college graduates, to learn, and become mentors and community LEADERS.

Cesar noticed that usually the same people attended most Latino community events. He realized there was a need to help inform the Latino Bay Area community as a whole (especially recent college graduates willing to participate in community activities) of events and community resources. Also, there are many community organizations that provide similar services which struggle for volunteers and resources - it seems logical that joining forces would be more economical and effective!

Cesar's simple philosophy and purpose is to promote unity, education, leadership, and eliminate exclusivity within our community - invite everyone to get involved, join forces and work together! If more people became aware of events and opportunities to get involved in community activities, especially mentoring of our youth; our community would naturally grow stronger and more united, and the high school and college graduation rates would increase too.

By 1997, Cesar found his hobby and idea gaining a substantial following throughout the Bay Area Latino community. Cesar distributed by email a comprehensive list of Bay Area Latino cultural, education, and career events, and a list of community resources (predominantly organizations serving the Bay Area Latino community). Also, the Latino online community requesting the Calendar of Events had grown to more than 1000 subscribers.

By late 1998, Cesar began to fine-tune his concept of keeping the Latino community informed. Realizing the potential to better serve the Latino community and helping other businesses, he decided to follow his dream of becoming an entrepreneur by transforming his hobby into a full-time business. Throughout 1999, Cesar formed a substantial partnership with key organizations and businesses throughout California and muybueno.net was formed with the help of his friend Rhéal Paquette.

Cesar realized people needed to connect not only online but also in person. He borrowed the concept of First Fridays from the African-American community, and organized monthly Latino Professional Socials in San Jose. Eventually, he also hosted similar socials in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Over the course of 1999, MuyBueno surfaced as a true online and real community of Latino professionals throughout the Bay Area.

On January 20th, 2000, we hosted our redesigned website launch at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. Over 500 people attended and muybueno.net received extensive media coverage (radio, publications, newspapers, and television).

By 2004, we expanded our horizons and changed our focus to reach out to the community at large. We purchased the domain infobayarea.com and have brought together very diverse crowds at our monthly mixers.

infoBayArea.com has successfully positioned itself with thousands of online subscribers, extensive media coverage, a series of online services, a resource center for the community, and a virtual and real gathering site for Latino professionals, students, and the community at large.

By January 2011, Cesar Plata and his business partner, Roman Zhovtulya, launched everyCircle.com - Cesar's dream has finally been realized!

The possibilities and opportunities to grow statewide, nationally, and globally are limitless. We will continue to create and provide more applications and features for many online communities of executives, decision-makers, professionals, business owners, and community leaders to network, collaborate, and do business with each other, online and offline.

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to connecting with you. The adventure continues...

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