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everyCircle.com Win-Win-Win Opportunities
   Earn Revenues for Business Referrals
   Event Collaboration

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Contact us to discuss opportunities and rates. Thank you for your consideration.
Cesar Plata, 408 352-5932, cplata@everyCircle.com

Earn Revenues for Business Referrals
We pay 20% for business referrals (advertising, exhibitors, sponsors)
We pay 10% for recurring business from the original referral
Note: To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, an employee or agent of the advertiser / exhibitor / sponsor is not eligible for the referral.

EARN MONEY as the Sponsor of our Business Networking Event:
• Best business is personal business...
   The best thing you can do for your clients is introduce them to their next clients!
These are YOUR networking events. Share them and give your company top billing:
   'Your Business' and everyCircle.com cordially invite you...
   Simply promote 'your' event to others, and everyCircle.com will strictly be the 'event planner'!
• Invite your favorite clients to collaborate and participate in 'your' business networking mixer.
   You could ask them to share the sponsorship cost.
• We will provide your participants online advertising, tables at the event, business cards, etc.
• We will deal strictly with you (our client). You pay us the sponsorship fee, and you keep the remainder.


Event Collaboration
Save Time & Money - A Win-Win-Win Proposition!
Networking is about meeting new clients, not socializing with the same ones.
If your organization or business is not growing, it's not a business, it's a hobby!

Do the Math:
Consider the costs of location rental, tables, linens, caterers, insurance, live entertainment, staffing, marketing, time and money lost to organize the event.

Why waste so much time, money, and efforts organizing your own events (holiday party, launch, grand opening, etc), just to invite clients and people you already know? (Negative ROI - Return On Investment)

Let's collaborate:
We are experts at organizing business expos and mixers - please do not reinvent the wheel.
We already host networking mixers at amazing locations, with many caterers, live entertainment, AND we draw 250+ average attendance and 30+% newcomers!

Create alliances, leverage your business, generate revenues, and connect with your NEXT clients (B2B and B2C): hundreds of executives, decision-makers, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The 'ambiance and vibe' at our business networking mixers is unique, upscale, approachable, professional and fun.

Sponsor a mixer and only your company will be featured, generate revenues, and more! Click Here


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