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   Audience Profile
   Vision and Core Values

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Contact us to discuss opportunities and rates. Thank you for your consideration.
Cesar Plata, 408 352-5932, cplata@everyCircle.com

Audience Profile

 B2B & B2C: Bay Area professionals working for corporations,
 mid-size and micro small business owners, multi-ethnic, multi-disciplines, ages 30-60+

 Ranking  Organic top 3 to 10 search enging ranking for many key words
 (Google 'business mixer')
 17,000+  Weekly eNewsletter distribution (No Membership)
 700+  Avg number of visitors (not hits) per day
 250+  Avg attendance at our business networking mixers in:
 San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Mid-Peninsula, East Bay
 Exposure  We participate in and distribute 2000+ flyers at numerous networking events.
 We also collaborate with many organizations and networking websites.
 We have been featured in local and national media:
 television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and 3 books!
Vision and Core Values
 Vision  To develop an informed network of Executives, Decision-Makers, Professionals,
 and Business Owners throughout the US and the world.
 Mission  To inform and promote collaboration, networking, business, culture, education,
 and volunteerism, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, and
 beyond. We organize networking events and provide a variety of online products,
 services, and information comprised of business, community, cultural, and
 educational events, products, services, and resources.
 Inclusivity  The best business is personal business, and a little courtesy goes a long way
 We welcome executives, decision-makers, professionals, business owners,
 entrepreneurs, community and corporate leaders to connect and network online
 and offline. We connect many different circles of influence.
 Our website is open (no membership) and we are very approachable.
 Integrity  'Good enough' isn't enough...
 We will run our business with the upmost efficiency, honesty, integrity, and
 professionalism; always keeping our clients' and guests' best interests in consideration.
 Generosity  The key to prosperity and our combined success is helping others succeed
 We promote participation and volunteerism in our community. We encourage
 charitable, community, and professional organizations to utilize our
 various products and services, and attend our events to network, promote
 their events, recruit volunteers, and do fundraising.
 Causality  'You must be the change you wish to see in the world.' ~ Mahatma Ghandi
 We make a difference. Through our website and business networking events we
 provide opportunities for people to connect, collaborate, promote their businesses
 and organizations, and improve our communities.
 Oath of
 We are our Clients' Ultimate Trusted and Respected Advisor
 We have the responsibility and obligation to counsel our clients
   in what's in their best interest.
 To give them the best short and long-term results.
 We will no longer accept or allow them to buy less than they should, or in
   fewer combinations than they should, or less frequency than they should.
 We will never, ever, again take an order simply because they are willing to buy.
 Ref. www.MarketOutLoud.com


everyCircle.com - Connecting Circles of Influence....
Founded on January 19, 2011, everyCircle.com (formerly infoBayArea.com) is a portal designed for executives, decision-makers, professionals, business owners, and community leaders to network, earn revenues, and share information and resources, including a wide array of events, customizable applications, databases, features, and services. We also provide an online platform for professional organizations to create their own custom online communities.

Founded in 1998, infoBayArea.com (formerly muybueno.net) is a website designed to connect Bay Area professionals, business and community leaders, online and offline. We promote business, education, culture and volunteerism. We have successfully positioned ourselves with thousands of online subscribers, extensive media coverage, and many services. Read more...

Since 1998:
- Held 300+ business events
- Reached 25,000+ businesses
- 1550+ companies have advertised with us
- 550+ businesses have exhibited at our business networking mixers 
- Maintained a database of 17,000+ business owners and professionals

Annual Active Participation:
- We attend 600+ events
- We support 40+ professional associations
- Appear at 50+ industry events, 20+ tradeshows

Business Model:
- We produce two large-scale business events (50+ exhibitors, 400+ attendees)
- We organize 10 networking mixers throughout the Bay Area (20+ exhibitors, 250+ attendees)
- We offer exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, online advertising, and other business services

Category                                                           Size      Yrs         M:F         Type             #
   Mid-Size Business Owners
                         4000+   ~8       ~75:25     B2B                ~3
   Micro & Small Business Owners                 8000+   ~3.5    ~45:55     B2B & B2C    ~6
   Professionals Working for Corporations    5000+   ~12+   ~90:10    Sales, B2C     ~5
Size = Approx. number of individuals in our current 17,000+ database
Yrs  = Approx. years in business
M:F = Approx. male:female ratio attendance at our mixers
#     = Approx. number of our mixers they attend per year


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